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Tone curves | Preset pack

This is a preset pack for basic adjustments, the goal of these presets is to add a basic tone curve adjustments to the shots to get a base to start editing. This presets are made for long shootings, to edit fast all the selected shots and give them a similar look.


Blue tones | Preset pack

This Preset pack is made for images with blue dominant look. These will add a cinematic blue look depending on the shot. We wanted to create 2 different looks, light teal look and deep blue, you can adjust the intensity of it once applied.


Sunset | Preset pack

Lightroom preset pack made for sunset shots. This presets will add to your photos a vibrant color and a sunset look. Once the preset is applied you just have to change the white balance to achive the look you want. Made for Lightroom Desktop version.


Summer collection | Preset pack

Preset pack for Lightroom and Lightroom classic (Desktop versions). There are 18 presets for multiple situations; Sunset, Turquoise water, Clean white, Moody green, Underwater...