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Photographing the lighting

Photo session for Alealuz company

Photographing the lighting


March 18, 2019


Alealuz - Barcelona


Alealuz company

Photo session for Alealuz company,

We have been working on lighting. The company Alealuz, distributor of lighting products commissioned us a report of its facilities as well as images for its product catalog and ecommerce platform.

Website: www.alealux.com

Alealuz photo session by Nineteenpixels
Alealuz company

Specialists in industrial lighting, commerce and home, represent brands such as Philips, Ledvance, Osram, Sylvania and many more. This is a company with more than 15 years offering specific lighting solutions. In Nineteenpixels we are pleased to work with brands and quality products in photography sessions.

Alealuz photography project by Nieteenpixels
Nineteenpixels photography project
Product studio Photo session by Nineteenpixels