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Kawasaki Jetski

Kawasaki retro jetski form 80's.

Kawasaki Jetski


July 10, 2022


Josep Villalonga


Photography session - Kawasaki Jetski

Kawasaki Jetski

Owner: Josep Villalonga | Photographer: Jan Farrarons

This jetski was restored by Josep Villalonga (@josep_villa) by his own. He is from Addaia, Menorca and this jetski was restored there and it's still there.

It was one of the first jetskies on the market, originaly it had a motor that delivered 30cv, but he upgraded it and managed to let it deliver 60cv, the double.

Apart from this photoshoot, we also made a short film, you can find it here

High power in lightweight jetski

Josep also introduced a system to take out all the water that stays inside thye motor.

This upgrade, let this jetski to perform better for longer and helps  taking care of it.

This system works with button activation, but in the near future this will be replaced for a switch activation that's more comfortable to activate.