Glassy surf at sunset

March 18, 2021

Surfing in glassy conditions is a pleasure, when you catch the wave you feel like your board is cutting butter because there is no choppy in the water and is completely flat except for the wave that is behind you.

nineteenpixels surf session
Catching a wave at sunset
nineteenpixels glassy surf session
Glassy surf

How said that in the mediterranean there are no waves? Surfing the day after storm in the mediterranean is a perfect day to take advantage of good waves. That waves are not the biggest ones or the longest ones, but are perfect to enjoy the afternoon.

nineteenpixls surfing at sunset
A moment to enjoy

This was the first swell of the season, the previous day  we had 2 meters waves but also a lot of current and wind, so we couldn't enjoy too much but was a great experience of surfing in bigger waves that we are used to.

nineteenpixels catching a wave
stunning day

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This is a video edit from this amazing day surfing at sunset, hope you enjoy it: